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What is Coach My Case?
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Confidence in Your Corner

Coach my case is a different kind of law firm. We assist people who are representing themselves in court, mediation or arbitration in British Columbia or Alberta. We provide legal coaching and paralegal navigation so that you can represent yourself better and achieve success.

At this time, Coach My Case can assist people with their family law and divorce cases across British Columbia and Alberta. All of our services are remote and online so you can be located anywhere in British Columbia or Alberta and you never have to come to an office.

Coming Soon: Other areas of law such as employment law, residential tenancy law, and civil litigation.

Save Money

Save Money

Unlike a traditional law firm, no expensive retainer is required. All of our services are unbundled, meaning you choose what you need when you need it. Do you need legal advice? Help drafting court documents? Legal research? You decide what you need then hire one of our legal coaches or paralegal navigators and pay-as-you-go.

Save Time

Save Time

Instead of trying to do all the legal paperwork yourself, you can hire one of our highly trained paralegal navigators or coaches to help you draft court documents, edit your court documents, or even just give you advice on what to do. The choice is yours.

Save The Headaches

Save The Headaches

Our paralegal navigators and coaches are paralegals and lawyers with training and experience in family law. They have collectively helped thousands of family law and divorce clients. They are available to help you with legal advice, drafting applications and affidavits, preparing you for court or mediation and many other services so that you can successfully represent yourself.

Marcus M. Sixta named one of the top 25...

Marcus M. Sixta named one of the top 25 most influential lawyers in Canada

The team at Crossroads Law is proud to announce that our founder, Marcus M. Sixta has been named one of the top 25 most influential lawyers in Canada! This prestigious award from Canadian Lawyer acknowledges Marcus’ work to develop Coach My Case and create a new type of legal service that is improving access to justice in Canada. Way to go Marcus!

Why Coach My Case?

Not everyone wants to work with a lawyer and not everyone can afford one. Some people who represent themselves do so because they have been denied Legal Aid. At Coach My Case, we believe that everyone deserves access to justice. We have designed our family law services to be flexible, to meet the needs of people who, for whatever reason, choose to represent themselves.

We offer two tiers of service to meet anyone’s budget: legal coaching with a family lawyer or legal navigation with a paralegal. Contact us for a free consultation.

Three Reasons Why Coach My Case is Right For You


Represent yourself better with legal coaching

Representing yourself in court can be nerve-racking and confusing. If you can’t afford a lawyer, and the other side can, it can feel like the justice system is stacked against you. Legal coaching can provide you with professional legal assistance that meets your needs so that you can represent yourself in court better. Our Alberta and B.C. lawyers and paralegals can empower you with the advice and assistance you need for success, for much less than a traditional legal retainer.


Your justice system navigator

We offer highly trained paralegals and family lawyers anywhere in B.C. and Alberta to help with divorce and family law issues. Our paralegals are all supervised by lawyers and can assist you by providing you with legal information, drafting or editing your court documents, and much more. Our paralegals provide these services at rates that are much more affordable than the average family lawyer.


You control your case

With legal coaching and legal navigation, you decide what types of services you need and when you need them. If you are representing yourself in a divorce or family law case you may want some research, help drafting court documents, or a calculation of child support. With Coach My Case, you decide if and when you need our help. It can be one meeting before trial, or it can be 30 hours of document preparation, whatever you need! This way YOU control how much you spend!


Trisha Johnson from Coach My Case has provided me with fabulous paralegal services. I would highly recommend her and Coach My Case for all families needing affordable and professional legal services. Trisha is detail orientated, responsive, proactive and partners with her clients to get outstanding results. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.


I had no clue where to start the separation process, nor did I know what my options were. Amanda was able to guide me step by step and made everything so much easier and reduced a lot of stress for me. Her expert knowledge and guidance made a big difference in what was a difficult part of my life. I would highly recommend working with the team at Coach My Case


I am a new client of Coach My Case, and wanted to write to recognize the outstanding service, advice, professionalism and work of Trisha Johnson, who has supported me with wonderful work to create my defense package for court this week. Trisha is exceptionally client focused, helped me meet an ambitious deadline, worked extremely hard with great attention to detail, and was an absolute delight to work with. I will be delighted to use her and your services again, and wanted to thank Trisha again for her outstanding work. This has made a huge difference to me and my family


Who We Are

The Coach My Case team consists of highly experienced Alberta and B.C. paralegals and lawyers who have a passion for empowering clients with the services they need to access justice. We want to help you with your family law case so that you can expect a better outcome at a price you can afford. You can feel confident with us in your corner.

Legal Coaching Services

Unlike most traditional law firms, our coaching services are unbundled which means that you decide what you need help with. There are no expensive retainers required to work with our legal navigators or legal coaches. We will work with you to determine a plan based on your needs and your budget.

Legal Coaching Services