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Paralegal Navigator vs Legal Coach

How to Choose between a Paralegal Navigator vs. Legal Coach

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Our Legal Coaches are family lawyers who can support you, in the background, with any aspect of your family law matter. Lawyers are specially trained and licensed to be able to provide legal advice. Legal advice is different from legal information in that the lawyer can provide you with their professional opinion on the best way to move forward with your legal matter based on the facts of your case.

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Our Paralegal Navigators can also assist you in the background of your file but can only provide legal information and resources. Though our Paralegal Navigators cannot give you legal advice, they can explain all the available options so you can make an informed decision on how you would like to proceed.

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Our family law services are currently available across Alberta and BC. Meetings take place over the phone or via video conference.

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Booking FAQ

Why do I have to fill in all of this information to even book a strategy session?

To book a meeting with a Coach My Case team member, a conflict check needs to be completed along with our internal screening process.

How long will it take for me to hear back if my meeting is confirmed?

You will be contacted within 2 business days by a Coach My Case team member for screening and confirmation of your appointment.

Is there a cancellation fee for meeting bookings?

As long as you provide at least 24 hours of notice, you will not be charged the $50 cancellation fee.

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