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Benjamin Szalay-Anderson

Articling Student 

Benjamin Szalay-Anderson leverages his profound understanding of human behavior—backed by his degree in psychology and sociology—to advocate effectively and passionately for his clients. His background in editing enhances his ability to communicate clearly and persuasively, ensuring his client interests are well understood and strongly represented.

Legal Acumen Grounded in Compassion

Benjamin is dedicated to facilitating collaborative negotiations and generating innovative solutions to complex problems, rooted in his compassionate approach. His commitment to clear communication is evident through his experience at Student Legal Assistance, where he helped to guide clients through the litigation process, offering practical tools and straightforward explanations for complex legal matters.

A confident advocate both in and outside of the courtroom, Benjamin has represented clients in a variety of settings, including applications at the Provincial Court of Alberta and the Court of King’s Bench. These experiences have sharpened his advocacy skills, making him a formidable presence in any legal setting.

Championing the Right to Access Justice

At the heart of Benjamin’s practice lies a deep-seated belief in the fundamental right of every individual to access justice. Driven by the conviction that empowering people to advocate for themselves is essential to human dignity, Benjamin is committed to ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard and their rights are recognized. His dedication is evident in his volunteerism with organizations like Pro Bono Students Canada's Consent Project, the Pregnancy Care Centre’s Take Charge initiative, and the Alberta Law Review. He consistently seeks opportunities to extend this valuable knowledge, aiming to help Calgarians access the legal services they need.

Outside of the office, Benjamin embraces an active lifestyle, enjoying activities like running, cycling, and cross-country skiing with his partner. He finds solace through his adventures in the mountains whenever he can steal away for a free weekend.