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Save money on Your Family Law Case

We understand that legal work can be expensive and that many people are worried about how they will pay for the family law help they need. At Coach My Case, our pricing structure is designed to meet the needs of people who choose to represent themselves in court after separation or divorce.

When you hire a traditional family law firm, you pay a retainer fee upfront in the range of $3000-$10000. Most lawyers won’t do any work until this retainer fee is paid. At Coach My Case, legal assistance is paid for on a pay-as-you-go model, so no big retainer is necessary before work starts on your file.

Also, we provide legal assistance for a variety of budgets. From legal coaching to paralegal navigation, our rates are clear upfront so you always know how much you will pay.

Save money with Coach My Case

Pay-as-you-go Divorce and Family Law Services

Free 20-minute

Free 20-minute consultation

Have a call with one of our paralegal navigators who can provide you with legal information and walk you through the types of family law services that Coach My Case can provide to help you with your case.

Paralegal Navigator

Paralegal Navigator $150/hr

Our experienced paralegal navigators provide insight into the complex family law and divorce system. While they cannot provide you with legal advice, our paralegal navigators can help you with filing or drafting legal documents, editing or ghost writing your letters, and preparing all of your documents so you can attend court with confidence.


Legal Coach

Legal Coach $250-340/hr

Our experienced family lawyers will help you to effectively represent yourself in divorce court. Family lawyers can provide you with advice and guidance in the background while you attend court or mediation. Our family lawyers can also assist you in drafting legal documents, preparing you for court or family law mediation, research on legal issues and calculating child or spousal support.


Sr. Legal Coach

Sr. Legal Coach $350-500/hr

Looking for a lawyer with hundreds of family law cases under their belt? Get all the experience of a senior family lawyer to help you in the background without having to pay a huge retainer.

What our clients say

"The entire team at Coach My Case has been helpful and informative. I would strongly recommend them if you decide to self-represent in court. The legal system can be intimidating and confusing and Coach My Case will help navigate you through it all each step of the way."

The online booking form asks for a credit card number. Will I be charged for the first consultation?

The first 20-minute strategy session is free and beyond that, there will be a charge for speaking with the Paralegal Navigator. All our paralegal navigators charge $150 per hour which is less than half of what the average lawyer charges. We don’t charge your credit card until after our first free 20-minute consult. In addition, clients have the option of paying via eTransfer. If payment via eTransfer hasn’t been made, the credit card on file will be charged.

What is the charge for speaking with the Legal Navigator beyond the free 20-minute strategy session?

If the session goes beyond the free 20-minutes, the charge will be based on the Paralegal Navigator’s rate which is $150/hour. Paralegal Navigators bill in six (6) minute increments ($15/6 minutes).

When will I be billed?

You will receive a bill for work completed within 2 business days. We ask that you pay that bill before we proceed with further work.

Am I being billed before any work is done?

Clients will not be billed for work in advance of it being completed. This will be communicated with you in advance.

Pricing FAQs