Help Us Help You: 5 Coach My Case Tips to Prep for your Consult

5 Tips to Prepare for your Consult

Congratulations! You recognized the importance of accurate, early, professional advice on your divorce, and you contacted us here at Coach My Case. We thank you for putting your faith in us and, rest assured, we want the best possible outcome for you. Achieving that outcome begins with your first meeting with a Legal Coach or Legal Navigator, to help us help you, here are five things you can do to prepare for the consult.

1. Know the Important Dates

Good guidance starts with the dates of your case. Date of marriage, date of separation, date you started living with your spouse, children’s birthdays – all these are key in kicking off the process with surety and efficiency.

2. Find the Important Documents

What is the paperwork you need to track down? The ones that demonstrate assets and debts: mortgage statements, home valuations, other loan documents, bank account statements, investment account statements and business financial statements. Also, the more information regarding your income, your spouse’s income and recent tax returns, the better. Aside from finances, already filed family law documents are essential – affidavits, applications, and court orders. If you have written cohabitation agreements, prenuptial agreements or separation agreements, have those on hand as well. 

3. Keep the Documents Organized

Make your divorce paper trail easy to follow – it will allow your Navigator to spend less time reviewing documents and more time tailoring the right option for your legal needs.

4. Write Down All the Questions

You probably have a lot – write them down so you don’t forget any. Additionally, asking all your questions will likely result in less email tennis and phone tag.

5. Do What You Can

There are things clients can do that will help the process along. In a retroactive child support case, offering a detailed history of payments will spare your Legal Navigator having to figure it out. Similarly, providing property assessments, corporate searches and land title documents will save time and money.

These five tips will help ensure that your consult with our team is time well spent. And at Coach My Case, time well spent means finding the best solution for your divorce needs sooner rather than later.